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Can I host my own mobile website?

Mobile website development is NOT the same as desktop development - where developers are readily available to service your needs. Thus, in the event you require any updates, changes, technical support in the future you will be required to pay a developer an hourly rate (in most cases between $100 to $150 per hour) for support.

At Mobile Go, the cost of managing these changes and updates is all included in your monthly fee - so you never have to worry about your site again. The cost of self-managing a mobile site in terms of time and expense is far greater than most people anticipate.

Why do you charge a monthly fee for your mobile websites?
What are the main differences between a dekstop and mobile website?

Free Mobile Preview ...
Our mobile websites team will design you an OBLIGATION FREE mobile homepage preview based on your website's theme.
We'll then send you a link via SMS so you can see it LIVE on your phone!