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Why do you charge a monthly fee for your mobile websites?

We wanted to make it easy and affordable for businesses to get a mobile websites. Our monthly fee is what we call a Subscription / Management fee and it is not simply a hosting fee. Mobile Go is the only full-service mobile website development group in Australia (and one of only a handful worldwide) that own their own technology platform that allows us to create agency quality mobile website for a fraction of the cost.

Our primary focus is for you to get results – and we create sites that are specifically designed to generate leads and enquiries. We see no value in creating an offering for which our clients receive no value, and work very hard to ensure the site is serving its purpose.

Other developers will charge thousands of dollars in development fees, and hundreds of dollars per hour for updates, however, we handle it all for a fixed low fee. Each package has a fixed number of updates and for example, if you need pages changed or updated, contact details, updated, add / remove a service - all you have to do is email us and we can handle everything.

For Your Monthly Fee You Receive:

  • Fully-managed custom mobile website design, created for optimum call-to-action
  • Fully guaranteed development – no contracts – leave anytime you wish
  • Fixed number of managed updates per year (extra pages, links, images, maps etc)
  • Prompt technical assistance and support from Australia
  • Superfast Australian hosting (including smartphone detection and redirection)
  • Mobile SEO: We follow all best practice to ensure your is search engine friendly
  • Detailed Google Analytics reports (to justify your monthly ROI)
  • Automatic Compliance: Dozens of new Smartphones enter the market each year, introducing new screen sizes, features and browsers. Our platform ensures your mobile site remains fully functional, optimised (for images / speed) and compliant on all new devices.

What is a managed update? How do I change content, add links, buttons, pages etc?
Can I host my own mobile website?

Free Mobile Preview ...
Our mobile websites team will design you an OBLIGATION FREE mobile homepage preview based on your website's theme.
We'll then send you a link via SMS so you can see it LIVE on your phone!