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What are the main differences between a dekstop and mobile website?

When you view a regular website from a desktop or laptop it looks fine, however, if you view it from a smartphone you’ll find out just how difficult it is to navigate and read text. This can be very frustrating and in most cases visitors will end up leaving your site immediately (this is known as your website's bounce rate).

Your regular web site was designed to give a complete overview of your business, which customers can view at their leisure on their PC's and laptops. A mobile friendly website is a scaled-down version of your regular website in terms of size and content.

Since users generally visit mobile websites on-the-move the content they require is very specific, such as business contacts details, directions and service offerings.

The primary purpose of the mobile site that Mobile Go design are call-to-action (generate leads and enquiry) and branding.

Can I host my own mobile website?
Can my desktop website just be converted to a mobile site?

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