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Who are your competitors and what do they charge?

Should a business require a mobile website they will be confronted with two options:

Existing desktop website developers - This is usually the first point of contact for anyone seeking to develop a mobile website. Most regular web developers will struggle to develop 'one-off' mobiles websites, and they will freely admit they currently lack the expertise and experience to develop them effectively - as they involve a significant learning curve. Consequently, the cost of these website is prohibitively high (just like any one-off development) and more importantly the skills and expertise to manage such developments long-term is lacking. Not only are the development costs higher, clients will also have to spend on hosting and are likely to pay hefty hourly rates for updates and changes.

Instant, do-it-yourself or template-driven tools
- There are a handful of these operators worldwide that own these instant mobile website converter tools and hundreds of smaller ‘resellers’ of these same products. The output produced by these services is uninspired, aesthetically poor and lacking in critical features (as with any instant product). Further, these sites are not supported by real developers. Although 'low-cost', the mobile websites will only appeal to a small percentage of businesses worldwide. Over 95% of businesses would have engaged a professional developer to create their website, thus would be likely to seek similar professionals for their mobile website developments.

Mobile Go is the only developer presently in the market that has the expertise and resources in place to handle, high-quality, customised developments on volume-scale, which are fully supported technically, through constant upgrades and add-ons, well into the future. To have a mobile website development built to the standard Mobile Go provides would cost several thousands of dollars upfront, plus hosting charges and ongoing development fees

What is the cost of a mobile website?
What is a managed update? How do I change content, add links, buttons, pages etc?

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